Showcasing Exodus

exodus-group-croppedOn Wednesday, September 28, UWest welcomed the return of documentarian and filmmaker, Elias Matar, as he showcased his new film Exodus.

Exodus sheds light on the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, as Syrian, Afghani, and Iraqi refugees risk everything to cross the Aegean Sea in search of new lives in Europe. The film captures the humanitarian efforts of compassionate aid workers providing aid to families.

The event began with dinner and introductions, followed by the showing of the movie, and concluded with Elias answering questions from the viewers.

Elias explained the refugees’ recent situations and the dangers faced by all involved as smugglers ferry refugees from Turkey to Greece.

The content of the film was heavy as the audience followed refugees from their boats to desperate refugee camps. The filmmaker’s optimistic attitude in the discussion gave the audience hope and perspective to a crisis affecting the world.

Thanks go out to Elias and his wife, Ginger Fung, for offering the opportunity to view the film at University of the West. Kudos to UWest Chaplaincy Club for organizing the event.


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