UWest Speaker Series: Michelle Telléz


The University of the West is unique in its small size and diverse student demographics, and benefits from the experiences and cultures that our students bring to campus. Our Latino students are a shining example of this and help make UWest a culture like no other.

Dr. Michelle Telléz makes a perfect addition to the Success in America Speaker Series by providing a dazzling example of academic success and academic work in diverse communities.

Dr. Telléz is a prolific writer, scholar, and activist in everything from gendered migration to transnational community building to Chicana mothering. Dr. Telléz has worked for over two decades in the fields of Chican@ studies, community studies, education, and sociology.

Her work in the lecture halls, in the community, and on text has been devoted to researching the intricacies of regional ethnic identities and speaking out on issues of social justice in Arizona and the United States southwest.

She is a member of organizations such as Arizona Workers Rights Center, which works to provide justice and community building to non-represented workers, and Entre Nosotr@s, which creates community events in collaboration with Chicana/Latina/Indigenous women and gender non-conforming artists.

On October 20, at 5pm, Dr. Telléz will be sharing her experiences with our community in all ways that inspire. Come join us at Ken Locke Hall to learn more about Dr. Telléz and share a bowl of Pozole (veggie or meat) with the community.


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