Faces of UWest: Jeff Chen


Jeff took some time out of his busy schedule to introduce himself and his music. What follows is an introduction to Jeff’s instruments and arrangements, as well as his interests and life plans.

Introducing Jeff’s Instrument

Jeff was introduced to the Liuqin (Chinese Mandolin) in high school and has been mastering it for over 18 years. The Liuqin is a soprano string-plucked Chinese instrument. A modernization in its usage has been springing up in recent years, leading to a gradual elevation in status of the Liuqin from an accompaniment instrument in folk Chinese opera and narrative music to a solo instrument.

Introducing the Concert’s Songs

The songs arranged for the recital represent different lifestyles of ethnic groups in different regions of China, including Chinese northern and southern folk music. Jeff and his peers have additionally arranged a set to highlight the aboriginal style music of China. The songs prepared will take the audience on musical tour around different areas of China, embracing the essence of Chinese culture.

Jeff’s Talents

In addition to his skillful solidity of the Liuqin, Jeff plays the piano and sings beautifully. He is frequently invited to join public performances, specifically in singing and choreography in Taiwanese Opera.

Jeff’s Campus Involvement

Jeff graduated from the Master of Arts program in Religious Studies at University of the West this past June. Currently, Jeff studies in the Doctor of Buddhist Ministry (DBMin) program at UWest and works as a student employee in the Enrollment Office.

Plans after Graduation

After graduating from the DBMin program, Jeff hopes to become an official in the cultural ministry or bureaus in Taiwan’s governmental system. His hope is to organize more cultural and religious events in order to help the country bring peace and harmony to people.

Jeff’s Hobbies

Jeff enjoys swimming and listening to all kinds of music in his free time. When he is in Taiwan Jeff uses his free time to attend artistic and music trainings and performances.


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