Introducing International & Interfaith Week

iiweek-introductionFrom November 14 through 18,  UWest will feature a week of activities as part of our 2nd Annual Celebration of International and Interfaith Week. This week was inspired by the combined efforts of the U.S. Departments of State and Education to immerse American students in different cultures, as well as show appreciation to international students who have come to the United States to study.

Religious study and practice is an important part of what makes UWest so special and so the interfaith component week is a recurring element in some of the activities spread throughout International and Interfaith week.

Few universities embody International Education Week quite like the University of the West. With an international student population from 44 countries, UWest brings a multicultural dynamic to the classroom, the residential halls, dining hall and other open physical spaces. Our International and Interfaith week will take the best of all of these and provide opportunities for students to try new food, to connect with others, and to experience new cultures.

Some activities are familiar, such as the International Fashion Show and International Potluck and some will be new, such as winter gardening and a contemplative tea practice. However, all of International and Interfaith week’s events will be sure to capture the diversity of our campus and the larger world.


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