Faces of UWest: Dennyses Hernandez


Name: Dennyses Hernandez

Role: Financial Aid Officer

About Herself

Dennyses Hernandez has lived in Los Angeles for most of her life and has worked in higher education for over seven years. Her career path in higher education started as an admissions counselor which led Dennyses to UWest, as a Financial Aid Officer.

Dennyses is a life-long learner. She is currently applying to undergraduate programs in Communication Disorders, with a focus on speech pathology and therapy. Along with being a life-long learner, Dennyses values her close connection with family and is highly involved with the deaf community.

On Her Work

As the Financial Aid Officer at UWest, Dennyses stresses the importance of maintaining an open-door policy when it comes to students’ financial aid award and their questions. Helping students understand the process of financial aid and their financial options is one of her top priorities. Dennyses believes students can put more of their focus on their career goals once they have an understanding of their financial aid award.

A Three Word Description

Dennyses describes herself as ambitious, patient, and optimistic. She welcomes challenges in both her work and personal life.

On Free Time

Like most university students, Dennyses’ head is in a book reading or studying. When she is not at work or studying she enjoys the outdoors and will often venture out for a hike or walk. Inspiration Point is a favorite getaway of hers. At home, Dennyses cares for four rescue dogs which she’s adopted from rescue shelters or veterinary clinics.

On Entertainment

Dennyses has a few suggestions for entertainment. As a notable bookworm, she highly recommends The Professor and The Mad Man by Simon Winchester, for anyone who enjoys reading and is interested in historical nonfiction. Movie recommendations include Trumbo and the television series, The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.


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