Faces of UWest: Venerable Sumitta


Venerable Nivitigala Sumitta Thero, endearingly known on campus as Venerable Sumitta, is a Ph.D. student and pillar of the community at University of the West. Ven. Sumitta is the founder of the UWest Pali Society and the community-oriented organization, Dhamma USA, and he also offers services at the Lankarama Buddhist Institute in nearby La Puente.  

Venerable Sumitta has enriched and enlivened our community, not only with his numerous efforts to share his wisdom, but also by working to welcome incredible guests to our campus such as world-renowned Buddhist artists, Sri Lankan fire dancers, and prestigious guests like Bhikkhu Bodhi.

A scholar of languages and religion, Ven. Sumitta has a warm and inviting interfaith approach to sharing his knowledge, and he enjoys serving all people, from every walk of life. We were very fortunate to get to interview him for this Faces of UWest video.

For more information about Dhamma USA, Lankarama Buddhist Institute, and the UWest Pali Society, go to:

Dhamma USA:  www.dhammausa.org

Dhamma USA Blog: www.dhammausa.com

On Facebook:  www.facebook.com/dhammausa/

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